Veröffentlicht: 6. Mai 2016 in Heinz Duthel

„Change is coming, around the World, in some form..“ Who knows what will happen but one thing is for certain – people are fed up. The Wikirevolution….. A world after Wikileaks Anonymous The Tor anonymity network Arab world protests   (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia) Imagining a new Egypt. Angela Merkel: „We have to come to a peaceful dialogue in Egypt because the stability of the country is of extraordinary importance. (For business not human rights?)“ BIRTH OF A REVOLUTION Tunisia’s uprising began in a region residents say has been marginalised by successive rulers from the northern coast. Small white houses line dusty roads, many of them unpaved, in Bouazizi’s neighbourhood. On crumbling walls, graffiti tells passersby of the town’s pride in his role in the revolt. Near the spot where Bouazizi burnt himself alive, residents have placed his picture over a statue erected under the old regime. Supporters have sprayed „The Martyr Mohamed Bouazizi Square“ on a wall and called for the road to be named after him. In the absence of clear leaders in Tunisia’s uprising, Bouazizi has captured the imagination of millions and inspired copycat burnings in neighbouring Algeria, Mauritania and Egypt. But it was his friends and family and the people of his home town that turned one angry man into thousands on the street.  

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